YPD Coordinators

Name: Haley Crawford
Where you are from: Fremont, IN
Where you live now: Findlay, OH
How long have you been with YPD: 4 years (since January 2015)
Favorite part about being a coordinator: The face of the bride’s father and the groom when they see her for the first time.
Fun fact about yourself: I grew up in the country and can outshoot just about anyone with a handgun.
Dream vacation: Road trip around Scotland and Ireland’s countryside
Advice for the bride: This day is about celebrating the love between you and your significant other. Be kind but don’t try to please everyone.

Name: Sue Held
Where you are from and where you live now: grew up in Edon, OH and live in Bryan, OH
How long have you been with YPD: 3 years
Favorite part about being a coordinator: I love being able to see the bridal couples ideas and vision come together!  And I especially love being able to take away some of their stress and help them relax and enjoy their special day!
Fun fact about yourself: I am a proud Grandma of 9 grandchildren!
Dream vacation: anywhere tropical
Advice for the bride: It is important to be sure you have someone that can help you with the details so you can take in all the special moments of the day!

Name: Kendra Buchanan
Residence: Born & raised in Elmore, OH and am now raising my daughter in the same house I grew up in!
How long have you been with YPD: Started in November 2019 but have worked as an event coordinator for over 8 years
Favorite part of being a coordinator: Getting to be involved in the happiest day of a couples life! And being able to be the support system for them to enjoy their day is what it’s all about to me.
Fun fact about yourself: I’m a wife of an Army Veteran. Have been married to the same man twice (Before deployment & a vow renewal shortly after!). I’m a roller coaster junkie! Been going to Cedar Point since I was 6 and haven’t looked back since 🙂
Dream Vacation: Going to Ireland, which I get to do in May 2020!!
Best advice to the client: Enjoy the moment. The big & little things all matter (after all, it should be your dream party!), but at the end of the day, you’re married to your best friend and that’s the best