Wedding Woes with Grand Plaza Hotel

TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - Nahdia Saheen and her fiance, Josh, had almost everything ready to go for their April wedding. But a phone call on Tuesday changed plans in a big way.

"We've lost our ceremony space, we've lost it all," Shaheen said. She says her venue, The Grand Plaza Hotel in downtown Toledo, told her it was closing for several months for renovations and there was no way she could have her wedding day there.

"It was just absolute craziness," Shaheen said. "I was kind of dumbfounded at first, I didn't know what to do, I didn't know where to go and still at this point it's up in the air."

With only 5 months to go, finding a place will be hard work, especially with a guest list over 300 people. Plus, the hotel was going to provide the cake and rooms for her guests.

"My mind has just been frazzled the last few days, trying to find something that's going to be comparable for us," she said.

13abc is still trying to get more information about the possible renovations and why those would close the entire building. The hotel general manager, and a representative from the company that owns it hasn't returned calls for comment as of Thursday night.

"About once a year we deal with this," April Gladieux, the owner of Your Special Day said.

For the last seven years Gladieux has helped couples plan their weddings. She says she has three brides who were booked at the Grand Plaza Hotel.

She says she's willing to help others if there out there and need it.

"Call me, email me. I give free advice and I'm just trying to help you make it through your day," Gladieux said.

Though it's not the idea situation, Gladieux is urging brides not to panic.

As for Shaheen she's just trying to reminder herself, "it will all work out some way, some how."

Shaheen says the hotel did try to help her find a different venue and a representative said she would get her deposit back by the end of November.